Forgotten GreyLancErron

Adventure 4: “The Weather Underground”

GM: Nate

The PC’s begin staring shocked at the rubble of what was just previously the front of Iellwen Tannaril’s home after an explosion went off beside them. Suddenly other explosions are heard going off around them and guard whistles seem to be everywhere. The PC’s are quickly seized by the guards (despite protests) and taken for holding and questioning. The doppelganger threat has made itself readily apparent and the guards are unwilling to believe that the PC’s are who they say they are until a Gem of True Seeing is brought and the PC’s “pass the test.” At about the same time Mrak barges in and orders the PC’s home, but as the PC’s leave they can hear Mrak laying into the interrogators for their incompetence. The PC’s help put out a few fires around on their way home and notice the entire city is now under martial law.

As the PC’s report to guard duty they are roped into investigating the Undercity, as that is where they had told Mrak and Teffer they had heard weird noises and an initial investigation party has failed to return. While exploring, the PC’s find Dretch laying down arcane nets to channel the fear being generated into the city in order to summon Fihryr. A long and brutal battle ensues with the PC’s dispatching over 10 dretch, three Abyssal Maws, and 2 Fihryrs. They report their findings to Mrak who tells them they’ve had similar reports from other areas but it seems that the tide has turned and the Undercity has been relatively cleaned out. Grateful for all the PC’s have done, Mrak tells them they have been pushed to the front of the list for military training beginning tomorrow.

After an appropriate amount of time for training the PC’s are roped into a hazing ritual involving a Rust Monster who ruins a good portion of their equipment. This is quickly remedied as their gear is replaced with new, military grade equipment, symbolizing their official entry into the Royal Army. After a wild night of fun, the PC’s are awoken by Teffer who has Bruno Silverdome in the ‘drunk tank’ for disturbing the peace. The PC’s hesitantly admit they know him and he is released into their custody. Around the same time, Faedarien Galatanrin, a royal runner tells the PC’s they have been summoned by the King. The PC’s are lined up and marched outside only to step into a teleportation circle, where in the blackness they only hear an ominous laugh. Another trap.

Public NPCs

  • Faedarien Galatanrin (Unknown): A foppish elf who seems to despise Bruno and leads the PC’s into a trap?

New Places

  • The Undercity: The ruins that the upper district of Kingsport was built on.


Excellent first ruin for a new GM. Looking forward to more of you behind the screen. :-D


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