Forgotten GreyLancErron

Session 1 Week 9

GM: Lab_Rat

Our session begins with the adventuring party stranded on the banks of a river, having been bested by those vexatious halflings, who ended up taking their boats. While on the bank figuring out what to do, Uzi hears a horn sound off in the distance. After locating the direction the sound came from, the party saw tendrils of smoke rise to the north. Sensing danger, the party begins to follow the smoke to see where it leads.

After about an hour of bushwacking, the party comes across a town that has been ransacked by Hobgoblins and Orcs. Many are dead or wounded, and the town is now burning to the ground. Amid the chaos, the sounds of an ongoing battle originate from the town square. The party recognizes Princess Lassur, as she and her guards fight off waves of hobgoblins. The party rushes in to give aid. After a time, the last remaining foes are vanquished. Princess Lassur is injured and most of her guards were killed, but at least she is alive. The Princess tells the party that she was out patrolling the towns that live just south of the official elven borders, when Mistress Domina, daughter of the Overlord, appeared with her minions. She told them that they knew who to capture, and to simply kill the rest. Then she disappeared while her horde started ravaging the town.

After helping the wounded and dying in any way they could, the party soon learns from first hand reports that the horde were capturing spell casters while killing everyone else. This would explain the fact that Maia was captured by an Orc during the skirmish, but luckily, was saved by Bruno. The Princess gives them whatever meager supplies she has left to heal their wounds, and requests that they return to Kingsport as soon as possible to alert their King. Princess Lassur provides them with giant eagles as transportation in order to make their journey faster.
The party travels several days on the backs of the eagles, until they get to the edge of the northern border of the eagle’s territory. They spend a few days on foot before it begins to rain heavily. Wet and miserable, the party spies an abandon house and venture in, hoping to find shelter from the elements. After casting a look around the single room, it was apparent that there was someone that had lived there recently, due to the fire pit that was still lit. Oh, and it helps to have a freshly dead corpse slumped on the ground. As Walen approaches to investigate, he notices an open book on the corpse’s lap. As he gets closer, a beam of light emits from the book and after a time, a message is emitted above the book on the ceiling. “Welcome to my home. I shall rule all, for my words call forth those that feast on your flesh in this life and the next.” With that, a crack of theatrical lightening lights up the night sky, and Bruno notices that a lot, no more than a lot, of undead were slowly shuffling their way to the abandoned house. The party gets ready as undead try to get into the doors and the windows. Uzi, Alain, and Bruno are successful at keeping them at bay. A few moments pass and Walen gets an idea to burn the spellbook that was in the corpse’s lap. He goes to the fire, and brings over some embers to set the pages aflame. A short while later, the zombies start to screech and writhe as if they were the ones burning. They ended up as piles of dust which were quickly washed away by the rain.

The party continues their travels until they get to the gates of Kingsport. A Halfling messenger, astride a wolf, rides out to them and ask if they are the party who helped defeat the hordes at Silveroak. The party claims that they are, and so the messenger tells them to meet with their commanding officer for a full report.

The party is escorted by Mrak to see General Tso. General Tso, though not overall impressed with the party, listens to their account and deems it worthy to mention this to the King. He asks the party to return to here tomorrow morning to get further orders.
While leaving in search of an inn, the party hears Alain’s name being called. Soon Ishy pops out of the crowd and comes bounding toward the party. Right on his heels was Benedict Archer, the cleric that was responsible for bringing Ishy back to life after his run in with the choker. The party soon learns that Ishy is training to become a cleric. Ishy asks if they would like to join his family for dinner. Archer makes a comment about how the truly grateful ones make the best apprentices. The party agrees to the dinner date, and soon leaves in order to find Barlowe, the merchant, so that they may sell some of the loot they found in the necromancer’s abandoned house.

As the party approaches Barlowe’s shop, they see a nicely dressed man with an elaborately cut beard. The man takes a pouch of money that Barlowe hands over to him, pats him on the cheek in a patronizing way, and leaves. He is overheard telling his men that they have more business to conclude at the other shops. The party goes in to make purchases, while Bruno waits outside. After Bruno observes the well-dressed man visit many different shops and collecting pouches of coin, he decides to confront him. The man, named Zebulon, refuses to answer any of Bruno’s questions, since he does not have any evidence of him breaking any laws for his “business transactions.” However, after an intimidating display by Bruno, Zebulon says that he will give the money back that he has collected from that day. Whether he actually does so, or if Bruno has made a new enemy, still remains to be seen.

After a nice dinner, and a restful night’s sleep, the party returns to General Tso in the morning. The general informs them that they are being sent on an “ambasorial” mission to Dwarfmount in order to confirm the pledge of dwarven soldiers if Nefaria deems it necessary to attack Generica. They are instructed to purchase supplies if needed, for they are leaving immediately.



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