Forgotten GreyLancErron

Session 2, Week 10

GM: Lab_Rat

The session opens with the adventurers purchasing horses so they can begin their long journey north to Dwarvington, capital of Dwarfmount. The journey was rather uneventful, except for a family of wandering badgers who felt threatened by the party’s presence in their territory. The badgers fought bravely to protect their young but were soon overcome by the party’s superior fighting skills. Bruno, knowing that young badger meat was especially good with mushrooms, slew the baby. After a quick check for snakes, the party resumes their watch/sleeping duties.

The party arrives to the gates of Dwarvington, when they suddenly realized their predicament. Uzi was banished from the city and sent into exile three years ago. After some crazy yet plausible suggestions involving shaving beards and cross dressing, it was decided that Maia and Walen will go and speak on Uzi’s behalf. They are greeted by Tannin of the royal guard. As the royal request from Kingsport is presented, Tannin informs them that they will meet the king during tomorrow’s audience. Maia then mentions the matter at hand and claims ambassadorial amnesty for Uzi while he is representing Kingsport. After much convincing thanks to Walen and Maia, a member of the court is called to oversee the brief reprieve. Tannin is then told to escort the adventurers while they are within the city walls.

Tannin takes them to the many twists and turns of the city as they ascend and descend through rock and mountain to a place where they can stable their horses. Uzi hires a runner to get a message to his family. They are then taken to The Velvet Hammer, a local Tavern/Inn, run by the rather surly Corbin. Tannin informs the party that room and board is taken care of, and offers the party to sit down and eat. Tannin gives a word or two to Corbin and then joins a party of guards in the far corner of the tavern.

During their repast, a mysterious lady enters the room, not completely unnoticed by the party. Maia notices a very large, and she assumed, smelly, dwarf approach the lone lass. Minutes ticked by while the lady spurred his advances. Naturally, to the big lug, “No” really meant “Oh baby please take me now.” Maia, fed up with the assault, had a seemingly brilliant yet crazy idea. She went up to the large oaf, and demanded he take his hands off her woman. Two sets of eyes, one feminine and lovely, the other beady and boorish, popped and a pair of jaws dropped, but unfortunately it was Stoke who recovered first. For though he was slow and dumb, he did know that 1+1=3. What Maia didn’t realize was the offer of a single romantic conquest just got upgraded from a snack to a buffet. As Stoke descended on the duo, with a look that promised that he would consume them like cream puffs, a mighty bellow clamored off the heads of drunken patrons. “Stoke,” the voice bellowed. “I believe these ladies requested to be left alone.” Stoke whirled around and came face to face with Azi, brother to the party’s Uzi. That is when the first punch was thrown. Chaos erupts as dwarves clamor to be in a position to join the punchy demonstration of pugilism. Amid the thrown beer steins and arcing of lost teeth, Maia grabs the lady and brings her over to a safe spot behind the bar. Uzi joins in the fight to assist his brother. Bruno, upset at the fact he was missing out on the fun, joins the melee, while Walen, inspired by the sight before him, gets up on a table, and sings about the beauty of color in a blackened eye. Alain, locks eyes with the only other one in the room who isn’t joining in on the fight, Tannin. They both share in an eye roll and then get back to their meal.

Soon, what seemed like an explosion erupts throughout the tavern. Corbin, decidedly tired of the din, threw a thunderstone to break up the fight. He then proceeds to yell at everyone to leave this establishment. The irony was not missed considering he just threw something that caused prolonged deafness, but wild hand gestures helped to drive the point home. Tannin walks over to a large lump lying on the ground. Poor Stoke was knocked out cold. Tannin nudges him with his toe, and then orders what is left of his guard to drag him away. He looks decidedly at the party and tells them that he will see him in the morning. The party regroups and Uzi goes over to have a conversation with Azi. As their beards entwine during their bro-hug, Azi is starting to feel like he has finally come home. Maia gets up from under her hiding place, only to discover that the mysterious lady had vanished.

One would think having court with the King would be an exciting opportunity. In reality it is dull, dull, dull. Request for trade agreements, crop taxes, blockages in the sewer system, the party had heard enough when it was their turn to stand before the King. King Rockheard Bramblebeard III didn’t look like your typical king. Granted, he had his share of scars from battle, however, he had the look of the mystics about him. Bramblebeard listens to Walen’s spiel about request for armed troops should Generica need it. It goes over about as well as can be expected, however, King Bramblebeard is having problems of his own. The production numbers of the stone quarry are way down. The king explained that he put Ilde, the captain of the guard in charge due to the unexpected departure of the previous overseer. Bramblebeard hoped that her military training could whip the workers into shape and increase production, unfortunately the opposite had been true lately. Bramblebeard tasks the party to talk to Ilde, to figure out what’s wrong. With that he pulls out a small quest icon and presents it to Walen.

It takes about a day to reach Outpost No. 5. When the party reaches the quarry they ask a worker where Ilde was located. Going the direction the worker indicated, they could certainly hear her before they set eyes upon her. Though rather intimidating, Walen approached Ilde saying that they were here to represent King Bramblebeard. With a glare, Ilde said that there was nothing wrong other than these workers and that they should leave the premises. Several members of the party could tell Ilde was hiding something, but even though Walen was persistant, Ilde wasn’t going to divulge any information.

Suddenly, what sounded like an explosion, rocked the foundation. Ilde, eyes wide in alarm, said “I told them not to dig too deep,” and raced over to the mining shaft that had caved in on itself. Ilde beseeched the party to rescue the dwarves that were still trapped, while she take care of the wounded. In doing so, she will tell them everything they need to know.
Down the party went into the mining shaft and it was a short time before they came to the cave-in. Two dwarfs were trapped and saying that noxious fumes were filling their small cavern and that they would soon run out of air. Before the party, a herculean task lay before them, as five large rocks prevented the dwarfs from reaching freedom. Though they were working against time, Uzi did notice very thin strings of webbing descending from the cavern ceiling. With group effort, aided by Walen’s expert sun rod holding capabilities, the first rock was moved with little trouble. However, the tremors combined with the previous cave in, alerted three large spiders. The party had to defend their position while desperately trying to save the dwarves. As the first spider was slain, it sent out a horrible screech. Maia cast color spray on one which effectively took it out of the fight. However, the final screech alerted two much bigger spiders. Through bulging muscles and gritted teeth, the rocks were successfully moved. Now it was time to fight the remaining eight-legged beasts. Bruno and Uzi were successful in wounding the spiders, while Maia poked at one with her longspear. Alain, probably due to some minor arachnophobia, had a difficult time connecting. Walen, already suffering from being poisoned, put some distance between him and the spiders, and used his crossbow. The battle was long as the party kept fending off the spiders, while trying to avoid getting bitten. Suddenly, a great cry erupts from the back of the cave, and Ilde joins in the fight. Uzi and Bruno, both with a desire to impress her, started hacking with renewed vigor. Finally, with a kill stealing move, Maia dropped the last spider with a jab from her spear.

At last, though covered with blood and ichor, the party saved the dwarves and killed the spiders. Ilde is extremely grateful and then speaks of what has been bothering her. She conveys to the party that her son has been missing. He is rather odd because he always seems to have his head up in the clouds, and has absolutely no interest in stone cutting. Ilde came from a very long line of stone cutters/miners so it was considered a great honor to go into the craft like so many ancestors before them. However, her son wants none of it, and she has been derelict in her duties trying to find where he has run off to. She asks the party to help look for her son. When it was expressed that it would be difficult to find someone who has been gone for so long, Ilde had a possible solution. Her son found some strange animal in the forest that he insists that is his familiar. Even though Ilde knows its not a familiar, it does seem to have developed a bond with her son. He named her Pebbles, and with its long nose and spots, she is unlike anything the adventurers had seen. Ilde thinks that if anyone in the party is adept at handling the creature, she might be able to track down her son. And so the party prepares to search for Ilde’s son with the help of Pebbles.



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