Forgotten GreyLancErron

Session 3 Week 11

GM: Lab_Rat

This adventure begins shortly after Ilde confides to the party that her son has been missing for a few weeks. She accompanies them back to Dwarvington to collect Pebbles, an odd creature that Fissure found in the forest and claims is his “familiar.” While in town, the adventurers want to speak to some of the local folk to see if they could gain any clues as to Fissure’s whereabouts. After gathering Ilde’s information regarding Fissure’s favorite hang outs, they seek out the bookkeeper in the Library, and an merchant who runs an apothecary shop. The bookkeeper remembers Fissure and his interest in old dusty tombs that hold legends and lore of Dwarfmount. In fact, he tells the party that the last book he checked out a few weeks ago, “The Famous Tales of Malachi MacGuffin” is long overdue. Alain pays the bookkeeper five copper pieces for the late fee, and continues on to the apothecary.

The apothecary greets them and after a few inquiries, remembers that Fissure said something about going on an adventure and was wondering if she could teach him to make health potions. Always happy to have a willing student, the apothecary starts to instruct Fissure. It wasn’t until the mini explosions and plumes of foul smelling smoke, that she seriously regretted her decision to take Fissure as a pupil. She excused him even though Fissure was saying that he still needed to make his boots waterproof due to the bog he would have to cross.

Upon hearing the mention of a bog, the adventurers asked Ilde if there was one in the vicinity. She said that there was, and would guide them to it before she had to get back to her overseer duties. So with Pebbles in tow, they start to make their trek. When asked more information about her son, Ilde tells the adventurers that she and Fissure never had a close relationship. He grew up never knowing his father, and during his early years he was essentially brought up by his aunt (Ilde’s sister) while Ilde was on active duty. She regrets that it was during those years that she never instilled the love of their family’s craft, and Fissure was pretty much left to his own devices. It was never a lack of love, but a lack of understanding because she could never relate to her son. Now that he has gotten older, Ilde can see the error of her ways and was working on rehabilitating their relationship. That is when Fissure got it into his head that he wanted to start adventuring in order to see where he belonged in the world. Ilde fears that she will never see him again because he’s probably going to get himself killed if he goes out in the world on his own. So they essentially had a big fight about it, which caused Fissure to take off and hasn’t showed up in the last two weeks. Alain inquires about Fissure’s father but was met with unusual hostility from Ilde. Though, soon, she backs down as says that they should just drop the matter.

Ilde leads the party to the mouth of the bog, where they continue their trek. Bruno handles Pebbles, who seems to have picked up on Fissure’s trail. The little creature was so engrossed in what it was doing; it required a quick snatch by Bruno to save it from a massive patch of quick sand. As the party was deliberating on how to go around the obstacle, they notice a cape floating in the middle of the quicksand. Fearing, it is Fissure, a rope line was stretched across the quicksand, and Bruno “swims” to the cape. When he pulls, a desiccated body is attached to the cape, with a fancy belt around its bony hips. It is not Fissure. Bruno relieves the belt from the body (which Maia eventually identifies it as a healing belt) and the party discusses the proper way to bury it. Uzi points out that burying it in the bog will only cause it to eventually rise, and so it was decided that they need to secure it in a tree. Maia finds a massive tree with many vines running down its trunk, and so Bruno climbs up and secures the body for it’s sky burial.

While Bruno was securing the body, Oleander informs Maia that the party is being followed, though he cannot determine who and/or what, because “they are like shadow”. As of right now, Maia can feel that he isn’t afraid or nervous, but more curious than anything. She informs the party, but isn’t that alarmed, for Raven’s are known for their curious natures.
Bruno finishes securing the body but on his way down, something latches onto his wrists. This tree is really being occupied by an assassin vine, and it did not like having bits of it being used to secure a dead body. Five feet from the ground, the vine grapples Bruno and slams him repeatedly into the side of the tree trunk. Alain and Uzi chop at the vines with their weapons, while Maia and Walen shoot at it with their crossbows. Soon the party kills the assassin vine, and Bruno takes a rather nasty fall. However, he is shortly recovered due to his new healing belt.

The party covers the long stretch of bog until the ground starts to become firm again. Soon, Pebbles picks up a rather strong trail, and leads the party to a clearing. They see an adolescent dwarf adorned with chainmail, mage’s robes, and little pouches and vials hang from every available space. He is carrying a shield, a sword on his back, and has a crossbow strapped to his side. He is leaning on a staff while consulting what appears to be a map. A drum hangs loosely off his pack. The party assumes this is Fissure, and they would be correct. The party approaches Fissure who seems rather happy to see them. He is overjoyed when he finds out that they are adventurers for his longs to be an adventurer. In fact, he is in the middle of his first adventure right now.

Before he has time to explain, a band of thieves ambushes the party. They demand that the party hands over their valuables and no one will get hurt. Bruno, tired of lousy people trying to take advantage of them, intimidates them. Though visibly shaken, the thieves demand payment once again. They got steel instead. They were quickly dispatched, though Fissure, fumbling around with his gear, was gravely injured. After using some health potions, Fissure got back onto his feet and said that he would resume his adventure. The party explained the real reason why they were there and demanded Fissure come back with them. Fissure pleads that they just hear him out. And so bounds up on a rock, grabs his drum, and starts recanting (rather badly, I might add) the tale of Malachai MacGuffin and the MacGuffin artifact.

Legend has it that a magical decanter stopped two warring kingdoms of dwarves, and whoever possesses this decanter will have the upper hand at negotiations. Because of this Fissure is convinced he can find the decanter and use it on his mother, so that she will allow him to go adventuring. The party then takes a moment to deliberate. Walen takes no time objecting the idea out of hand. Alain points out that they were told to merely find Fissure, and not take him back immediately. Maia was more empathetic, for she knew what it was like when she couldn’t find her place in life. In the end it took Fissure promising that no matter what happens, they will explore this one cave where he thinks that Malachai MacGuffin is buried, and then he will return to his mother with the party. Fissure readily agrees and has them travel a several hours until they approach The Cave of Forgotten Thought.



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