Forgotten GreyLancErron

Week 14: "Blood in the Dark"

GM: Rigil.

Kobolds! A fist of the tiny creatures are entering an open room and the adventurers can hear the distinct sound of combat. As the PCs rapidly advance to a bottleneck point, Úzi keeps almost sensing something lurking just out of sight, like someone or something unseen about to clear its throat. Though he does not realize it, he is the only one who hears the distant sound of drums.

Maia unleashes a grease spell that significantly hampers the movement of the kobolds and Bruno promptly commences to dishing out the pain. To the adventurers’ great concern, there seems to be no end to the kobolds as their numbers keep multiplying: more and more rush into the room to join the battle. Thankfully, Maia’s well-placed grease spells keep the kobolds from simply overrunning the PCs.

The sound of drums grows louder for Úzi and he senses … something waking up, something unbelievably ancient and incomprehensibly old. An unexpected fury rolls over the dwarf at the sight of the kobolds, followed by a sudden flash of great power. To the surprise of the other adventurers, Úzi increases greatly in physical size and might … and even the stone walls and ceiling move out of his way! The presence in his head demands vengeance and Úzi realizes that he is hearing the whispers of the Dark Smith, a mostly forgotten dwarven god of endless toil and subjugation.

Moving easily through the stone, Úzi discovers a smaller group of kobolds fighting against a halfling desperately trying to protect a girl Úzi recognizes as one of the missing children. At his unexpected appearance through the stone wall, this group of kobolds panic and run where they become easy targets.

A last wave of kobolds enter the battle, including the kobold king himself, wearing a shimmering crown wrought of dragonscale and gold, and holding aloft his left hand to reveal a stone fist. By this point, the stone floor runs crimson with the lifeblood of slain kobolds, and the rage Úzi feels toward the creatures intensifies at the sight of the stone fist. He lumbers toward the king who hurls some ineffective spells toward him and with a mighty blow, he lays low the kobold. At the sight of their king falling, the remainder of his tribe tries to flee but Bruno and Walen give chase and put the most dangerous of the creatures to the sword. Behind them, Úzi shocks Maia when he physically rips the stone hand off the dead kobold king, incidentally tearing the corpse’s arm free.

The kobolds are broken.



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