Forgotten GreyLancErron

Week 16: "The Hornet's Nest"

GM: Rigil.

Hearing the sounds of a disturbance some distance away, the remaining adventurers set off to investigate, but are quickly intercepted by Walen, still in disguise as a dwarf. He quickly identifies himself and debriefs his friends. By this point, the city guard have surrounded the body but have not yet moved it or even touched it due to the appearance of potential plague.

Retracing their steps to Undercutter’s shop, the adventurers enter it through the back door and spend some time looking around. Undercutter’s ledger is the first thing they discover, but as not of them have much business experience, it does not help them much. A body wrapped up in a carpet hidden in one corner is more revealing, but none of the adventurers recognize him. Uncovering a hidden pit trap in the center of the shop is considerably more useful, as Bruno discovers evidence that both Ishy and Brother Benedict were here. Taking the ledger to Barlowe, they leave it with him to review while they investigate some minor evidence in the ledger pointing to some warehouses in the docks.

To their great frustration, the warehouses do not yield significant information, though they do learn from locals about the warehouse owners, the Seven Suns Trading Company. After some discussion, the adventurers determine to attempt an infiltration of this company, first by renting a cart from Barlowe and then loading some rugs from Undercutter’s shop. They set out for the Trading Company, but quickly encounter a traffic jam. Deciding to investigate, Walen advances where he discovers city guards surrounding the body of Thug #1! He reports this to the other adventurers.

Thinking quickly, Maia steps forward and strides to the guard sergeant where she declares that she is the deputy assistant under-secretary of civil infrastructure. Demanding to know why the body is still on the street, she expertly bluffs the harried guardsman into getting things moving again. Úzi steps forward, using Maia’s deception as cover and examines the body, quickly deducing that the man was murdered by what appeared to be at least ten different knives.

Arriving at the Seven Suns Trading Company, the adventurers discover it to be a walled compound that is heavily guarded. Rather than attempt a no doubt doomed frontal assault, they decide to observe and assess. A nearby inn conveniently bearing the name Seven Suns provides them with an expert vantage point and Walen weaves through the common room, singing and eavesdropping at the same time. He quickly learns that the Trading Company has underwent a drastic change in methodology. Previously, they were a conservative, tight-fisted lot, but lately, they’ve been spending money like it was made of sea water. Just as importantly, one of their guildmasters, known as Corwin the Fat, was unceremoniously expelled from the Company. During this information gathering time, Walen also notices Thug #2 in the common room, albeit with a different hair style and dressed differently.

Úzi takes this time to watch the compound while hashing out a plan of action with Bruno and Maia. It is decided that Bruno will provide a distraction by hurling alchemist’s fire at the main gate which will allow Úzi to observe the reactions of the guards. Maia will be onhand to grease any potential pursuers to ensure she and Bruno manage to escape.

That evening, the adventurers hear a disturbance downstairs and move to investigate. Walen moves to the window where he observes inn bouncers dragging Thug #2 away from the Inn. From the thug’s body language, Walen suspects the poor man is dead. Maia interrogates the innkeeper who spins a poorly told tale about an allergic reaction, and Bruno briefly considers pursuing, but quickly recognizes that the bouncers are already long gone.

Upon the morn, the plan unfolds. Bruno waits until a second cart arrives at the gate to the compound at which point, he hurls his alchemist’s fire/thunderstone combination before turning to flee. It is a perfect throw and lands right at the feet of the cart driver. With an immense bang, the alchemist’s fire erupts, enveloping the driver and igniting the hay-filled cushion on the driver’s bench. One of the wall guards dives for cover, warning Úzi that something bad is about to happen. Too late he realizes that the wagon was carrying a number of large barrels and, the fire quickly spreads. Moments later, the entire wagon EXPLODES when the oil in the barrel detonates.

Meanwhile, Bruno and Maia race through the streets to evade detection, stopping when they emerge from an alleyway onto a wide main street. A procession of armored knights clatter down the cobblestones, surrounding a decorative carriage bearing the royal seal. Among the knights, they both observe Alain! From the crowd, the two hear rumors and conversations identifying the inhabitant of the carriage to be Princess Damsel herself, back from her self-imposed exile to the family estates following the death of her latest suitor (who got himself eaten by a dragon while trying to prove his courage.)

After reuniting, the adventurers decide to investigate Corwin the Fat’s home. They arrive just in time to see a closed carriage and Brother Benedict emerging from the slum, wiping down a wet knife. Deciding quickly to follow the carriage, the adventurers shadow it to another warehouse in the Docks. Rather than Brother Benedict emerging, they see Ishmael step out of the carriage and head for the warehouse. The carriage departs, its driver never even looking back.

Bruno advances without hesitation, banging on the door. The security peep hole slides open and Vlad von Perciface peers out. He gasps “You!” before slamming it shut.



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