Gestlin the Unpredictable

CG Wizard 4/Wild Mage 6


Tropes: Wizard Classic; Eccentric Mentor; Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass
Actor: James May, Ref:TopGear

  • =Gandalf
  • Wild-mage; Never sure if he’s crazy-like-a-fox or just crazy
  • Travels with a magical gypsy-wagon w/ no horses (self-propelled)
  • Signature possession: Smil-Blam, Greater Rod of Wonder, under “control”
  • No sense of direction
  • A “talker”
  • Loves magic, and talking about magic
  • Loves history, and talking about history
  • Loves technology, and talking about technology
  • Loves fine wines, and talking about fine wines

Gestlin the Unpredictable

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