Úzi, son of Úri

NG Dwarven Ranger


Úri, son of Dúzi, had three sons: Ázi, the strong; Úzi, the wise; and Ízi, the glib. The sons of Úri were close, looking after each other.

One day, Ázi was surprised when Ízi ran up to him, fear in his eyes, saying that a madman was pursuing him, to kill him; Ázi leapt up to his brother’s defense, and as a furious dwarf burst through the door and demanded that Ízi be brought forth, he struck the madman such that he died. In his haste, Ázi did not notice the madman’s rich clothing. Afterward, he recognized the neighboring nobleman that he had slain, and immediately threatened Ízi until he would tell him what he had done; Ízi confessed that he had been caught by the nobleman in a tryst with his daughter, and ran away.

Distraught, the two found Úzi, pleading with him to find a way to save them from retribution. After much meditation, Úzi extracted a promise from his brother, Ízi, that he would join the Church of the Mountain God, to which he agreed. Úzi then gave himself up to the authorities and confessed to the killing. When brought before the judges, he invoked the name of their grandfather Dúzi, a famous and well-respected dwarf, and asked that mercy be granted him, that he should be banished to walk the surface for seven years; his request was granted.

So, Úzi bade farewell to his family, and his brothers, and set out to wander. He ended up in Homeville, where he ended up working with the local militia.

Úzi, son of Úri

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