Willem, Lord Blakros


Owner: Rigil

  • head of the prominent House Blakros. His father recently passed – the rumor is that the old goat died in the arms of his latest concubine
  • His mother, Alisabet, went into seclusion following her husband’s unfortunate death.
  • Willem is the only son of this House, which is known for having exceptionally beautiful daughters. At last count, he has fourteen sisters
  • House Blakros is very possibly the wealthiest House in all of Generica. Think House Lannister in terms of wealth and you wouldn’t be incorrect.
  • Lord Blakros has close ties to the Pathfinder Society and is rumored to have been an adventurer himself

Update: Evidently, Lord Blakros had been replaced by a doppleganger. He appeared to be slain when drinking from the Holy Chalice.

Willem, Lord Blakros

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