MacGuffin Artifact


Magical artifact that will grant anyone +5 in Diplomacy against anyone, or +7 Diplomacy bonus against dwarves.

Legend of the MacGuffin Artifact

There is a story of two warring Dwarven kingdoms; the MacGuffins and the Stonegrips. They had been fighting for so long that even their stories and legends don’t hold the reason. But time and time again, fueled by their hatred for each other, they sent their sons and daughters to die by the sword. The reigning king at the time of this tale was Malachi MacGuffin. He was a good king, and was fair and just in all matters that required fairness and justice. However, like so many before him, he would sacrifice thousands to try to end the reign of Stonegrips once and for all.
Now our story also follows that of young Thrana, so named because of her dark eyes. She was the daughter of a long line of apothecaries before her that served in the keep. Thrana was deeply in love with Malachi and would do anything for him. She would spend her days watching him though never engaging in conversation herself. She could see the strain in his eyes or how the corners of his mouth turned down whenever he heard of casualty reports, or signed battle enlistments. That is why she decided that she needed to do something to stop the warring kingdoms.
And so she set to work, pouring over her dusty tomes and gathering her list of ingredients. It took her a long time, and many perilous journeys. She poured so much of her heart and soul into creating this solution that when she realized that she was losing her own life, it was too late. In the end, she died a short time after she put her plan into motion.
Malachi entered the clearing to the coordinates that were given to him from the message King Stonegrip sent to him that laid out the terms of Stonegrips’ surrender. He was light on his feet because finally he no longer had to send the sons and daughters of MacGuffin to die, victory was theirs! As soon as he entered the clearing though, he stopped. Laid out before him was this marvelous feast. And in the middle of the spread, was a golden decanter that promised a sweet and intoxicating mead. While his eyes roved over the clearing in wonder, much to his shock, a pair of eyes that he long hated, were staring back with the same degree of awe. Stonegrip was here, and looked as astonished as he did. MacGuffin took the time to survey his enemy and noticed a similar notice of surrender, signed by MacGuffin himself, in Stonegrips’ hand. Knowing that they both had been had, they took up arms, and prepared to fight. However, the meal was large, and the smells were enticing. And while they knew that they were bitter enemies, they were dwarves first and foremost. And so both of them laid down their arms, and began to feast.

As the mead sweetened their tongues, it also sweetened their words and cooled their tempers. For the mead that Thrana so painstakingly made was the embodiment of her sacrifice and love. They realized that their kingdoms were being torn apart over a reason that had long since been forgotten. So in the spirit of sharing a meal, they also left sharing a peace treaty. Malachi kept the decanter as a symbol of his promise. Legend says that whoever presents this MacGuffin artifact to anyone that opposes them, they will immediately become subdued, and willing to listen to what the other one has to say

MacGuffin Artifact

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