Nunya, Ring of Awesome

Cursed, Greater Ring of Discord


Requires a Will save to resist “wanting” it: DC15 on sight, DC20 on contact, checked once per day; failure by 5+ results in an obsessive fixation on the ring. Failure 3× consecutively makes the condition permanent (barring magical removal, as Curse). Grants +1 Morale bonus to whatever sort of action the wearer believes it affects, if failed the save—merely “power of suggestion,” not magic.

Treat as Gaze Attack. Immediate bystanders to an “incident” have a 10% chance of seeing the ring; someone directly involved has 25%; double chances if the ring is in use, or otherwise comes out of hiding.


Either The Overlord created it as a Golden Apple trick, or found it himself and was enthralled by it, or possibly both; whichever way, he claims it as “his”

Nunya, Ring of Awesome

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