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  • Úzi, son of Úri

    Úri, son of Dúzi, had three sons: Ázi, the strong; Úzi, the wise; and Ízi, the glib. The sons of Úri were close, looking after each other. One day, Ázi was surprised when Ízi ran up to him, fear in his eyes, saying that a madman was pursuing him, to …

  • Corbin

    Surly bartender and owner of The Velvet Hammer tavern in Dwarvington. Considering his constant effort in preventing rowdy drunk dwarves from bringing down the rafters, you can hardly blame him for being a bit grumpy.

  • Stoke

    Blacksmith that lives in Dwarfington, however, his main personality trait is that he is an absolute troublemaker. He was responsible for starting a bar fight after being more amorous with the ladies than he should have been during the time that the PCs …

  • King Rockhard Bramblebeard III

    Current reigning King amongst the dwarves of Dwarfmount. He tasks the party to look into his issues with his rock quarry quotas, which starts off the search for Fissure, and the eventual retrieval of the MacGuffin Artifact. The party's retrieval of the …

  • Ilde Quatzbane

    Captain in the Royal Army and current overseer of the rock quarry. The party embarks on a journey to help find her son, Fissure. Ultimately, this helps in restoring the relationship between Fissure, and Ilde.

  • Fissure

    Son of Ilde, and a misfit dwarf who is in search for adventure. Fissure has extremely high hopes but extremely low skill. He and his mother had a falling out, so he went off in search for an artifact that is rumored to have magical diplomatic abilities. …

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