Bruno Silverdome

NG Elf barbarian


Bruno’s life story began when he was but a very young elven child. As high elves are known for their patience, intellect, and culture, Bruno’s temper and rashness was a terrible embarrassment to his parents, his clan, and his race. At age six,his family made the choice that he would better off living with one of the lesser races who had almost a reverence toward strength…

And so it was that at the age of six Bruno was left on the outskirts of a farm in Heroham. The humans who raised him also gave him his name, since his elven name was too hard to them to pronounce.

Bruno noticed when he was younger that all of the other Elves seemed to have ‘pets’ that they take care of… Little did he know these were familiars of the arcane spellcasters and as most Elves are spellcasters he mistakenly attributed the familiars as elven pets… Trying to better fit in with the other elves of the town he ‘adopted’ a pet as well: “Snuffles,” a common Elven Northern Woodlands Shrew. He chose this specific ‘pet’ as it is featured in his favorite book: The Very Hungry Shrew, which Bruno likes to have read to him before his 6 hour ‘quiet time’… Despite his best efforts, Elven Shrews don’t tend to last long in Bruno’s care and he is now on Snuffles 83

As soon as he could handle a scythe, Bruno helped his father and mother doing the farm work. Being an elf, many assumed he was weak and tended to earn a few extra coins by arm wrestling locals and passerbys.

Unfortunately, as elves age at a much slower rate than humans as Bruno was just reaching ‘adulthood’ his parents died of old age. Bruno continued working the farm but also began spending time with the local militia. We find him now at a crossroads, no longer having his parents to help guide him in a world that he doesn’t really belong to, and unable to return to his birth world where he is constantly looked down upon

Bruno Silverdome

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